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May 22, 2007

Pattern for bootees

Sorry about leaving you all without a message for so long! I thought during my maternity leave I would be blogging a lot more, but it turns out to be the opposite. In case you're wondering: no baby has arrived yet here at Saartje knits. I have been doing all sorts of crafty things, enjoying myself immensely. Today, I'll show you some of them.

First of all: a little bride and groom for my sister who is getting married soon.


I think they turned out rather cute. For painting the faces, I took inspiration from the wooden figurines by Wendt und Kühn. I just love these, too bad they're so expensive.

And I'm making little socks.


And bootees and more socks.


As you can see, I'm still working on them. One pair was a gift for a little girl who was born a month ago. I made her a little bag with her name on it to go with the bootees.


The bootees are my own design, based on a pattern from Marie Claire Idées (Summer 2004). I changed a lot of things, so I decided to try to write down what I did. This also means I can offer this pattern to you to make your own! I created two pdf's, one in English and one in Dutch, accesible through the side bar on the right. If you have any questions about the pattern or if you find any mistakes, please let me know! Email me at saartjeknits AT home DOT nl (replace AT by @ and DOT by .)


I hope you enjoy making these. I plan on making some variations and add them to the pattern when I get round to it.

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